Uber Skagit County

One of the problems with drinking in a rural county such as Skagit County is the lack of public transportation and taxi services available to those who leave home to drink. One of those services Skagit County lacks is an extensive Uber operation, a service which has been shown to decrease DUIs rates in areas by more than 10 percent.

An online transportation network which through mobile app, Uber, allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars. Due to its ease of use and affordable prices, Uber has quickly become the go-to “taxi” service for many around the country and provided the taxi companies with major competition.

While there is an Uber and standard taxi presence around Skagit County, it is much lighter than it is in urban areas such as Seattle or even Bellingham. Obviously those cities’ much higher populations create a higher demand for Ubers and taxis, it does not mean there isn’t still a high demand for late-night Uber service and taxis in Skagit County, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

It is recommended that a drinker who has even one drink on a given night stay away from driving, and while designate drivers are always helpful, it would be even more helpful if there was a consistent, affordable, and reliable ride service also available. Anything that can help keep drunk or just “buzzed” drivers off of the road will always be a much-needed service in any area.

Based on the growth of Uber around the country and the growth of the population in the Skagit County area, it is likely Uber’s presence will rise in the county in the coming months and years. More and more drivers in the area could help offer those in Skagit County a convenient and affordable ride home on nights when they decide to drink and it could ultimately help lower the number of DUI arrests in the area.

While designated drivers, calling an Uber or a taxi, or walking home if you can are all great options for someone trying to get home after a night of drinking, they are far from a solution to problem drinking or binge drinking. Those who are frequently drinking and think they may have a problem should seek professional help and counseling as soon as possible.

The Follman Agency has been helping those with drinking problems in the Skagit County area for more than 30 years and can help you if you think you, or a loved one, may have an issue with alcoholism. Please give us a call today at 360-755-1125 to set up a consultation as soon as possible.