Newest Therapy Dog, Roselle at the Follman Counseling Agency

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Girl holding yellow lab puppy
Lilah with Roselle as a puppy

Dogs have been something that brings clients at the Follman Counseling Agency  joy, pleasure, comfort, and laughs.

Yes, that’s right, our Therapy Dogs. It happened quite by accident many years ago when one of our young pups was in an accident and had to stay quiet for several months to heal. Our only choice was for Jim (counselor) to bring the pup with him to work. That started the beginning of having a therapy dog at the Agency. 

That first pup was Kacey, she was such a hit she had to bring her older sister ’Milley’ in with her. Both Yellow Labradors ‘the girls’ provided emotional support to clients when needed. There have been many studies and much written about how a therapy dog can reduce anxiety and distress levels since that time. We have seen it first hand in the Agency. Gracie literally followed in their footsteps, Milley taught her well. 

All the Labradors we have had in the Agency were great and did their job well. They greeted everyone with serious tail wagging and made them feel welcome. They could be a great ice breaker in difficult situations, provide a warm body to pet when anxious or stressed, or simply help people feel more at ease.

Our newest therapy dog “Roselle” is in training. She is over the top welcoming with plenty of licking and body wiggling. She is growing fast and we have full confidence she will settle in and provide the calmness and grounding comfort her predecessors did.

If you would like Roselle present for your session just let us know when making your appointment. On the other hand if dogs are a problem for you or you have allergies please let us know that too.

Yellow lab puppy looking at camera.
Roselle, Therapy Dog