Old photo of woman playing with large dog.
Harriet with Chase

In 1987, Harriet Follman, a recovering alcoholic, founded the Follman Agency. After experiencing recovery from alcohol and receiving the education to be a counselor, she started the treatment center in Burlington, Washington.

Many individuals came to her for help in their battle with alcohol abuse. Harriet Follman advocated for the treatment of substance abuse that led to recovery. She touched the lives of her clients and their families. Harriet Follman poured herself to such organizations as Alcoholics Anonymous, the Washington State Association of Independent Outpatient Treatment Providers (WSAIOP), the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and other community programs to educate and promote sobriety and to change lives of people ravaged by chemical addiction in Skagit and nearby counties.

Today, the Follman family expanded their treatment programs to include: Mental Health counselingDomestic Violence Accountability ProgramProblem Gambling Treatment ProgramAnger ManagementInternet Connection Disorder, and Sex Addiction Treatment.

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