Man outside on picnic tables looking at a laptop, distraught.

One service The Follman Agency offers which many people might not realize we offer is support for Problematic Internet Use. Problematic Internet Use is a complicated issue to define, but what it breaks down to is excessive Internet use which interferes with daily life.

Problematic Internet Use can show itself in many ways, but some of the most-common ways it will appear is in pornography addiction, gaming addiction and online gambling addiction. Something such as viewing too much pornography can damage personal relationships while something such as a gaming or gambling online too frequently can damage relationships along with financial stability and employment.

Problematic Internet Use might not be a well-known issues as of yet, but recent studies have shown that it can cause many of the same issues that more-well-known addictions such as a alcohol or drug addiction can cause and with the same level of severity. One thing that makes the issue worse, is that since it is still a relatively new diagnosis, many who suffer from Problematic Internet Use may not even realize it is an problem, and one you can seek proper counseling for.

The good news is that The Follman Agency has experience working with those struggling with Problematic Internet Use and offers a full-scale counseling program for those who are seeking help for the issue and the numerous problems it can create. If you believe you, or a loved one, may be struggling with Problematic Internet Use, we recommend you contact The Follman Agency for a consultation.

Please give The Follman Agency a call at (360) 755-1125 if you would like to know more about counseling for Problematic Internet Use and might be interested in help for you or a loved one.