What was life like when you were drinking?
“I always considered myself to be fairly responsible at the time. At least a day or two a week I would feel like crap being ‘hungover’. I did want to do the best work but I’d missed work periodically. I also argued with the wife a lot.”

You got a DUI over a year ago and decided to go into treatment at Follman Agency. What did you expect treatment to be like?
“I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I thought it would be more like an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) type meeting. There would be a bunch of people sitting around talking about their issues, Instead, it turned out to be more instructive and enjoyable. My counselor was never boring. He was entertaining and did a good job.”

Now that you are 18 months clean and sober, what is life like?
“I lost 30 pounds just from stopping drinking. I started exercising. I don’t eat junk food which I did when I was ‘hungover’. I actually have a plan now in life instead of just living day-to-day. I now have a plan in motion to buy a house and leave something for my wife and kids.

I thought a year in treatment was going to take forever. Instead, it went quickly. I also thought I didn’t deserve a DUI. In a funny way, I’m glad it happened because I would have continued what I was doing. It’s made me open my eyes how enjoyable it is to be clean and sober!”

F.A. completed his treatment program at Follman Agency on December 9, 2015. He was surprised by the joy he found in sobriety.