“I lost everything in the five years I spent using drugs. That didn’t stop me from using.

My family didn’t know what to do.

I lost custody of my son.

I ended up homeless.

I tried many times to quit. Nothing seems to work.

At that point, I lost the will to live.

Before going to another inpatient treatment, I spent the whole night shooting up meth before my Dad and son took me to rehab.

As I hugged my three-year-old son good-bye, he said, “Dad I don’t love you no more.”

In the next 28 days at inpatient, I accepted the fact that I didn’t have all the answers and was willing to change.

Going to outpatient at Follman after inpatient was when I truly learned to live. After seven treatment attempts, something worked here at Follman.

He taught me how to want a better life for myself.”

S.D. found a better life. He is fully  involved in his son’s life who loves him. S.D. has a new career and spends time giving his message of hope to others who desperately seek the answer as he once did.